Merino wool bedding

Blankets and mattress covers in merino wool

Merino wool bedding

The company Top Mind of Montemurlo, in the province of Prato, has produced merino wool bedding for many years, and treats the merino wool with extreme professionalism and skill in its own production of blankets, mattress covers, mattresses and accessories.

The wool can have many different thicknesses and can be customised, just like the length of the hair used, which can vary depending on customer needs. The pure wool can be worked on with special, customised processes based on customer specification: you can choose from from among natural, dyed, plain, jacquard, fleece and smooth/velour treatments.

All merino wool bedding items proposed by the Tuscan company have got pure virgin wool certification, which is a sign of high productive quality at an international level. The control and certification systems for the entire textile industry, from raw materials to semi-finished to finished products, is developed according to the analysis and compliance with the following tests for harmful substances:

  • substances prohibited by law;
  • substances where use is regulated by law;
  • chemicals known to be harmful to health (but not yet regulated by law);
  • health protection parameters.

Via dell'Agricoltura 65
59013 Montemurlo (Prato) - Italia
Tel. +39 0574 655320

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