100% merino wool blankets

Based in Montemurlo, the company Top Mind deals with the production and sale of mattress covers and blankets in merino wool made with special processes. Operating in the sector for years, it offers a number of quality creations suitable for different needs. Top Mind is able to add special effects to its items: blown, engraved, gauzed, quilted and shorn. It is also possible to add fine materials such as mohair, cashmere, alpaca and camel hair.


Mattresses and mattress covers

The company of Prato, known throughout Tuscany for its valued creations, also produces mattress covers with special anti-decubitus materials and merino wool mattresses in various weights and finishes. In fact, we can produce special commissions based on information provided by the customer.

merino wool

The properties of merino wool

Merino wool is very insulating: it therefore maintains body temperature without further heating. It is also naturally anti-parasite and anti-mite, thus ensuring the health of the people who come in contact with it, even if they are allergic to dust and other elements.

For more information, quotes, details and specifications on merino wool mattresses and blankets, please contact Top Mind at the numbers +39 0574 655155 or +39 0574 655150.


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